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Wellbeing Program Year
2022–2023 Wellbeing Program Year
Thursday, September 1, 2022 - 08:00

The 2022-2023 Wellbeing Program year begins on September 1. Just like last year, participants need to earn 5,000 points (or 7,500 points for employee and spouse) by August 31 of next year to receive a discount on your 2024 University medical insurance rates. 

We’ve made a few minor changes to the program based on your feedback, including: 

  • Mindful Mondays through the Center for Spirituality and Healing are now worth 200 points each.
  • You can now receive points for attending 36 webinars per program year. (The previous limit was one webinar per month.)
  • Bike commuting is now worth 25 points per day.
  • The Wellbeing My Way pledge limit has been adjusted from 36 entries to nine entries. Each entry is worth 200 points instead of 50 points so that you can still earn a total of 1,800 points.

Please visit this OHR webpage for more information. 

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Preventing Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, and Retaliation course enrollments continue to be paused due to accessibility issues on the part of the vendor. 

Exception form for new staff and/or union faculty positions that are not in the approved budget, and/or a new or replacement positions that pay more than $75,000/year.

Attend one of two sessions, or submit feedback via a form.

The University supports AFSCME employees participating in the "Day on the Hill" event.

Specific roles at the University will have to complete a required online course on disability accommodations and inclusive course design this spring.