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AFSCME Day on the Hill

Tuesday, March 28 is the AFSCME Day on the Hill. This is an event in which AFSCME members jointly visit the state legislature to lobby for more money for the University of Minnesota. The University supports AFSCME in this effort of emphasizing the University's importance to the state of Minnesota. Therefore, the University has agreed to allow AFSCME union members to participate in the "Day on the Hill" activities without loss of pay.

We encourage supervisors to work with their interested AFSCME employees to arrange for maximum participation in this day's events. Participating AFSCME employees shall be allowed time off with pay that is not subtracted from vacation, sick leave, or compensatory time balances. Employees interested in attending the event are expected to contact their supervisors ahead of time so the appropriate staffing arrangement can be made in the department.

Again, the University supports this activity. Please work with interested employees to allow them to participate. If you have questions about the University’s position on this event, please contact your Employee and Labor Relations consultant.

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