Gym Reimbursement

With Fit ChoicesSM by Medica, you can earn up to a $20 credit each month toward your gym membership dues when you meet the monthly visit requirement of eight times per month at a participating health club. To use the program, you must be covered by a University medical plan.

How It Works


Your gym will track your visits and then send a verification to Medica, the provider of Fit Choices. Depending on your fitness center, your reimbursement will show up as a credit of up to $20 for your monthly dues or will be deposited directly into your checking or savings account. Your reimbursement will generally take around 60 days to start to process. Please ask your fitness center if you would like more information on how they will reimburse your fees.

Spouse or Dependent Eligibility

If your spouse or a dependent over the age of 18 is covered by the University medical plan, they are eligible to receive up to $20 monthly reimbursement for visiting a participating fitness center at least eight times per month. A covered spouse may also earn Wellbeing Points when they meet the requirements.

How to Sign Up

At Your Gym

For most gyms, you can sign up for Fit Choices at the front desk of you gym or fitness center. You can go to Medica’s website to see a list of the fitness centers that participate in Fit Choices.

If the gym provides a reimbursement directly to your bank account, you will need to create an account on the National Independent Health Club Association (NIHCA) website.

University of Minnesota Recreation Centers

All University of Minnesota campus recreation centers are participants of Fit Choices. If you are a member at a recreation center listed below, please enroll in Fit Choices by visiting the National Independent Health Club Association (NIHCA) website to enroll.

  • Crookston: University Wellness and Recreation
  • Duluth: RSOP Recreation Center
  • Morris: Regional Fitness Center
  • Twin Cities: University Recreation Center and St. Paul Gymnasium

*The Rochester campus does not have a recreation center, so please search here for a gym near you.

Updating Your Account

If you received a new Medica ID card (typically at the beginning of the calendar year or if a change has been made), check to see if your group or policy number has changed. If it has, bring your new ID card to your health club to update your account or update within your account on the NIHCA website to continue receiving Fit Choices credits.


If you have any questions about Fit Choices, you can call Medica at 952-992-1814 or 877-252-5558.