Wellbeing Champions

For there to be a genuine culture of wellbeing and work-life balance at the University of Minnesota, we need champions at the local level. Wellbeing Champions serve as an inspirational voice in their school or department to not only promote the U’s Wellbeing Program, but also to encourage leadership to build an authentic culture of wellbeing in the workplace.


Wellbeing Champions:

  • Promote the Wellbeing Program and events to their colleagues.
  • Bring their colleagues’ ideas and comments back to Wellbeing Program administrators and fellow Champions so our programs can get even better.
  • Provide leadership in their department to encourage a healthy work environment and healthy work practices for fellow colleagues.
  • Encourage colleagues to be their healthy best and to better manage work-life demands.
  • Serve as a role model for making healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Attend two half-day retreats a year (typically scheduled in the fall and spring semesters) and participate in an average of 1-3 hours max per month promoting and sharing information.

Become a Champion

If you’re interested in making your department a healthier place to work, please fill out this application to be a Wellbeing Champion. We recommend you talk to your supervisor for approval before reaching out.