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Correction to Emergency Termination of Technology Access Email Address

An incorrect email address for emergency termination of technology access was provided in the March 31, 2023 ELR Friday Connection. The correct email address is [email protected]. We apologize for the incorrect information.  As a reminder, a GoogleForm is also available to transmit requests, and important information needed to carry out the request, to the Office of Information Technology's Operational Security Support-Identity and Access Team (OSS-IAM) team. This GoogleForm also lives on the OHR website in the HR Community>Employee Relations>Departures page and is accessible only to those in Human Resource job codes.

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Due to planned system maintenance, MyU and PeopleSoft will not be available from noon Saturday, September 23, to noon Sunday, September 24. 

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A one-year free membership in Shipt is still available for faculty, staff, and students is available through January 22, 2024.

Negotiations with GLU-UE for the first contract begin September 11.