Supervisor & HR Lead COVID FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

All responses are as of October 1, 2021.

Q: We have an immunocompromised employee who has been on intermittent FMLA  and working remotely.  Recently, the rest of the team has begun working on a hybrid schedule with some people in-person and others working remotely.  Do I need to get additional medical documentation to approve the employee only working remotely?

A: The University of Minnesota’s Work. With Flexibility. Operational Guidelines is a helpful resource to navigate scenarios like this. In short, an employee with medical concerns may request a flexible work arrangement as an accommodation. Please see the  The Job Accommodation Process: A Guide for Supervisors for more information regarding how to talk to employees about potential accommodations. Supervisors are also encouraged to contact their local HR representative or the Disability Resource Center if there are additional questions.

Q: What types of releases and returns to work are required?

A: The University is not requiring a doctor’s note before departure from the workplace, for use of sick leave or medical leave, or for proof of ability to return to work. This is a unique situation and the University is focused on keeping our employees and student workers safe.

Q: What should I do if employees who have been quarantined/isolated and have applied for worker's compensation?

A: Questions about Workers Compensation reporting should be sent to the Risk Management Office.