Chief Investment Officer

About the Office of Investments & Banking

the core and ancillary functions of OIB. Core: CEF Endowment (~$2.2B--Seeking to maximize returns while preserving intergenerational neutrality), TIP Operating Pool (~$1.5B--capital preservation focus. Seeking to provide current income), Treasury Operations (oversee University-wide cash and banking operations as well as the DMP); Ancillary: retirement plans, supplemental investment programs, discovery capital, natural gas hedging, Minnesota SSBCI venture capital program, ad hoc projects/analysis

In the Office of Investments & Banking (OIB), we aim to exercise responsible oversight over the University's financial assets, employing prudent strategies that generate optimal risk-adjusted investment returns. We are dedicated to providing exemplary investment operations and comprehensive treasury management services that exemplify excellence across the organization. We play a pivotal role in in advancing the University's mission of delivering exceptional education, research, and outreach to present and future generations of students, faculty, and stakeholders, both within Minnesota and beyond. Learn more on the OIB website.