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Position Approval Required in 2023 for Position Paying $75,000+

For the rest of FY23, approvals for unbudgeted positions and for any positions* paying $75,000 per year or more must be approved by OHR or the Provost's Office. Unit HR shall submit an exception request if their units need:

  • New staff and/or union faculty positions that are not in the approved budget, and/or
  • Any new or replacement positions* that pay more than $75,000/year

OHR will review requests and respond accordingly.
Deans shall discuss the need for tenured, tenure-track faculty (TTTF) positions outside of the approved budget with the Provost directly.

We’ve created an easy-to-use Google Form to submit such position approval requests

* Please note: several types of positions require no approval from the Office of the Provost or the Office of Human Resources. They include:

  • Postdocs
  • Graduate assistants
  • Interns, Residents and Fellows
  • Any 100% research grant-funded positions
  • P&A instructors and lecturers
  • Term faculty
  • Positions under $75,000/year that are already budgeted for FY23
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