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Update to Tax Form

The Application for Exclusion of Education Benefits as Working Condition Fringe form has been updated to remove the secondary approval of the HR Lead. The form is about excluding the value of Regents Scholarship tuition benefits from taxable income when the course is job-related. Approval from the employee’s supervisor is still required. 

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A reminder that a new law allows unions to have in-person access to new employees in the bargaining unit for 30 minutes of paid time within 30 days of starting employment. 

Public employers must provide certain contact information to an exclusive representative for all bargaining unit employees every 120 days.

As a reminder, the University’s emergency paid leave for COVID-19 will end on December 31. Learn more about important deadlines.

Shipt delivery services for UMTC faculty, staff, and students will end in January. 

Tips that leaders can do to improve social wellbeing in the workplace.