Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Benefits

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Why is the University of Minnesota requiring proof of my dependent’s eligibility under the medical program?

The University of Minnesota has a responsibility to make sure that the plan’s resources are well-managed and dependent eligibility rules are applied fairly and equally. 

What will happen if I do not respond, or if I submit an incomplete response?

Your dependents will not be covered if you do not submit the required documentation by the deadline. You will not be able to add your dependents back to your coverage until the next open enrollment or you experience an eligible family status event during the year. 

Do I need to complete the Dependent Eligibility Verification if I know that all my enrolled dependents are eligible for coverage?

Yes, you must still submit the required information and documents to Total Rewards for verification. 

If I do not have a copy of my dependent’s birth certificate or my marriage certificate, etc., what are my options?

The resources available that can help you to obtain the required documentation include the National Center for Health Statistics (

How can I get a copy of my last federal tax returns?

The IRS has information on how to get a transcript of your tax return for free. 

Can I add an eligible dependent?

No. You cannot add eligible dependents as part of this verification process. Email or call 612-624-8647 or 800- 756-2363 to request information on how you can make changes to your benefit elections. 

How do I know my information will be kept confidential?

Office of Human Resources employees working on the Dependent Eligibility Verification program have completed training regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and our operations comply with HIPAA privacy guidelines. Documentation you provide to OHR will be used only for conducting the Dependent Eligibility Verification.

Can I fax my checklist and accompanying documentation instead of mailing them?

Yes. You can fax the documents to Employee Benefits, Attention: Dependent Eligibility Verification, at 612-626-0808. Make sure you include your signed checklist with the copies of your supporting verification documentation. Once you have sent the fax, carefully check the fax transmittal report to ensure that all your pages were sent successfully to the correct number. Be sure to keep a copy of this transmittal report.