About Employee Relations

Negotiations with GLU-UE for the first contract begin September 11.

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The Employee and Labor Relations (ELR) team provides expert and collaborative consultation services to foster respectful, inclusive and effective work environments. We are a team of HR consultants with deep knowledge in employee relations and a strong commitment to equity and inclusion. Distinguished by our keen understanding of employment law, University policies and labor relations, and the ability to resolve complex workforce issues,  we serve as trusted advisors to leaders in resolving complex workforce issues.     

How We Help

With a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion the ELR team:

  • Interprets and apply employment-related policies, rules, and contracts, including guidance on policies without precedent.
  • Consults on performance management issues, ranging from hiring, rewards and recognition, to discipline and termination.
  • Resolves conflicts and manages difficult workplace situations, including facilitating union grievances.
  • Provides customized training on complex employee and labor relations issues.
  • Leads units through organizational development and structural changes.

Customizable Training Presentations

Employee and Labor Relations offers the following customizable training presentations to HR teams across the University system. At the request of HR, the training can also be offered to management. To maximize effectiveness, ELR will partner with local HR leaders to tailor training to specific campus, college, or administrative unit needs and can be delivered in person or via zoom. For more information, or to schedule a training, please contact your ELR consultant.

Supervising in a Union Environment

The University of Minnesota employs thousands of labor-represented employees in positions that are governed by the terms and provisions of a collective bargaining agreement. This training provides invaluable practical information and resources needed to effectively and successfully manage in a unionized environment, including the laws and concepts that guide workplace practices related to a unionized workforce, how to balance managerial obligations and rights with employee obligations and rights, a union-represented employee's right to union representation, and a brief discussion about union dispute resolution.

Corrective Action

This training provides an overview of the University’s approach to corrective and disciplinary action and offers practical guidance for navigating University policies, rules, and union contracts to appropriately and meaningfully address misconduct and performance problems. This session builds upon Talent Strategy’s Supervisory Development Program to inform and empower leaders to successfully engage in corrective action processes across all University employee groups and it reinforces the fundamentals of effective performance management and feedback. Proper and effective documentation and real-world issues that often intersect with corrective action processes are also covered.

ELR offers two versions of this training: one designed to help HR professionals enhance the effectiveness of their own consulting on corrective action issues, and one designed for supervisors and managers who play the most critical and crucial role in properly addressing performance issues and administering the corrective action process.