Great Goals, Great Performance

Effective Goals Graphic

 Great performance starts with great goals. That’s why challenging and meaningful goals are so important to performance management. When faculty and staff create goals to align with their department’s priorities they’re also directing their attention, time, and actions to what matters most.

Setting Great Goals

College and unit priorities can change in an instant and faculty and staff goals may also need to change to support those priorities. Simple, yet important goals.

Start by setting goals with the following criteria:

  • Goals should identify the most important objectives for you over the next year.
  • Goals should be specific, important, and measurable while describing both results and behaviors.
  • Goals should align with college/unit/department strategic priorities, including connections to a sense of belonging, equitable opportunities, and access. Example goals for reference.
  • Goals should be flexible to adjust to changes throughout the year.
  • Goals are not job descriptions or a list of activities.
  • You should have one to three goals at a time and update them throughout the year as needed. As you complete one goal, add additional goals if applicable.