Veterinary Technician Positions

Benefits of Working at the Veterinary Medical Center

Working as a veterinary technician at the University of Minnesota comes with many benefits, including:

  • Competitive wages
  • Excellent medical and dental coverage
  • Paid holidays and vacation and sick pay
  • Shift differentials (increase in hourly rate) for nights and weekends
  • Retirement plan with employer contributions
  • Opportunities for growth and promotion
  • Pet food group purchasing program and 20% VMC employee discount
  • Access to entertainment, education, and money saving perks through the University
  • Free or reduced University tuition through the Regents Scholarship
  • 24 hours paid continuing education per year with up to $1,500 for out-of-state continuing education
  • Ability to teach with an annual Technician Teaching Award
  • Support given for pursuing VTS certification
  • Public Student Loan Forgiveness opportunity

Employee Stories

Rachel Carlier and Lambeau, a cute black and tan mutt

"Being a vet tech is its own career path, and a very rewarding one at that." Read Rachel's story.

Natalie Vogel holding Eski, a white and tortoiseshell cat with piercing eyes

"As our unit’s union representative, I advocate for raises and better benefits for technicians." Read Natalie's story.

“We’re the best of the best, and I’m happy to be part of it." Read Katie's story.

Jess Coffey and Amy Newland

“The best days are when we get to see animals walk again. We even had a patient who went on to win an agility championship after her treatment.” Read Jess's and Amy's stories.

Kristin Hohnadel and a King Cavalier puppy

"Last year I was honored to receive the Technician Excellence in Teaching Award from the VMC, and I look forward to continuing to teach vet and tech students, residents, and interns.” Read Kristin's story.

Enrique Leary-Limon with Cooper, a yellow lab

"I get to help train the next generation of doctors, form relationships with experts in the field of veterinary medicine, and work on challenging and interesting cases." Read Enrique's story.

Senior Vet Tech Rosemary Klass with Calloway, a young white chihuahua

"Over my 25 years at the VMC, I have developed my skills, taught students, mentored new hires, and worked with some of the finest clinicians and technicians in the field!" Read Rosemary's story.

Anna Engrem with a King Cavalier puppy

"The University has also provided a supportive environment for me to start a family and get my VTS in neurology, giving me time off to study and money toward taking the test." Read Anna's story.

Vet Tech Rian Ashmore in the Veterinary Medical Center

“It’s exciting to be a part of an organization that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in veterinary medicine." Read Rian's story.

Nate Olson in the Veterinary Medical Center

"The medical, dental, short- and long-term disability, and retirement pension I get at the University are phenomenal.” Read Nate's story.

Angelie, a vet tech assistant, and Nigel, a cute black and white dog, in an exam room

"I’ve always wanted to be an advocate for animals." Read Angelie's story.

Hilary Baskin and Macy, a brown horse

"I’m so proud of myself for making it here and earning my VTS in large animal internal medicine." Read Hilary's story.

Vet Tech Jodi Stafford with Cooper, a yellow lab

“VMC clinicians rely on vet techs, which gives us so much agency in our positions." Read Jodi's story.

Vet Tech Siri Rea with Parker, a very pale yellow lab

"While working at the VMC, I've been able to earn several advanced certifications." Read Siri's story.

Kelsey with a microscope

"My absolute favorite part of my job is helping animals and their humans.” Read Kelsey's story.