Medical - Under Age 65

As a retired University of Minnesota employee, you pay the full cost of your medical benefits. However, because you are in the University's employee group contracts, the rates you pay are lower than what you would pay for a similar individual plan. Your monthly rates will depend on the plan you choose.

The medical plan options that are available to you vary by geographic location or zone. You can select your medical plan based on where you lived or work. So, for example, if you live in Greater Minnesota but worked in the Duluth area, you can choose a plan in either zone. However, to choose the ACO Plan, you must live in one of the counties in their service area.

Additional Medical Services

UnitedHealthcare Global
With UnitedHealthcare Global, services for medical, travel, and evacuation for political or natural disaster causes are available when you are 100 or more miles away from home. You are enrolled in this program  when you enroll in a medical plan.

Travel Program
When traveling or attending college outside of the plan's service area, you receive in-network benefits for medical services if you use a provider in the designated network from Medica.