Survey Comments

Comments are helpful in providing context for the results you have already seen in the quantitative data. 

About Survey Comments

  • To protect confidentiality, comment data will appear only if there are at least 10 comments per question. This means that if there are less than 10 comments from the team whose data you are viewing, no comments will show. Suppressed comments roll up to the next level in the hierarchy. 
  • In previous years, the vendor “scrubbed” comments to eliminate proper names and possibly offensive language. This service was not offered for the 2023 Employee Engagement Survey, so comments appear verbatim. We highly recommend that you preserve confidentiality by sharing comment themes and not individual comments. Partner with your HR Lead if you have questions.
  • The survey includes two open-ended questions:
    • What is one thing that has been done to help you be more successful in your work?
    • What one thing, if changed, would enable you to be more successful in your work?

Reviewing and Exporting Comments

The comments are displayed within separate “widgets” in the dashboard site - one for each of the two open-ended comment questions. 

  • To review comments, you can scroll within each widget to view the data, or export the comments from each individual widget. 
  • To export the comment reports from one or both of the comment widgets, please use your mouse to hover over the icon in the top right of the widget where the icon showing three dots appears. The below screenshot shows this location in the widget. 

  • Next, click on the download icon on the top-right of each individual widget and select the file format you wish to use for the export.
  • Reports are available to export in multiple formats and can be downloaded or emailed.
  • We strongly suggest you change the file type to Excel when exporting comment data (see screenshot below). This will ensure your downloaded file includes every comment response available. Note: The default format is JPG, which provides only a screenshot image of the visible portion of the comments within the widget, which may not be complete.