Temporary and Casual Employee Pay Practices

Temporary and casual employees are not covered by the Civil Service rules or the collective-bargaining agreements of Labor-Represented employees.

Temporary and casual staff designated nonexempt are eligible for:

  • Overtime pay

Note: If the employee and supervisor agree before the overtime is worked, the employee may choose compensatory time (at one-and-a-half times) in lieu of a cash payment. Temporary and casual staff designated exempt are not eligible for overtime payments.

  • On-call pay (if restricted to University premises)

Note: Consult with OHR before requiring on call.

Temporary and casual staff are not eligible for:

  • University/campus paid holidays or personal paid holiday
  • Holiday premium payments
  • Callback
  • On call (not restricted to University premises)
  • Shift differential

Note: In rare circumstances, depending on the unique nature of the work and industry practice, a shift differential program can be established by working with the Office of Human Resources.