Navigating the Reporting Hierarchies

In the Dashboard, there are a few things that will help orient you in the hierarchy of the survey report.

Screen grab from portal showing user dashboard with arrow pointing to upper left corner where people can toggle between views.

1. UMN 2023 Employee Engagement Survey, STAFF Results drop-down menu in the top left corner indicates organizational hierarchy. The drop-down allows switching between different reporting hierarchies ("Faculty," "Staff") where available. If you do not see this option it means you only have access to one hierarchy.

2. Results for drop-down menu indicates your current reporting hierarchy. The hierarchy indicates the name of the supervisor; you will only have access to the units that report to you.

Note: By default, the data includes ALL faculty and staff reporting to you, including indirect reports. To view the results for your direct reports only, make sure to select the Direct Reports Only checkbox. 

screen grab of drop down menus indicated Hierarchy 2023 should be selected


  • The download icon in the upper-right corner allows you to export from the dashboard. Reports are available in multiple formats and can be downloaded or emailed.
  • "Responses" indicates the number of people who completed the survey.