Unit 6 (AFSCME Clerical) Roster

Seniority Reporting Units

To identify your reporting unit see Appendix C of the Unit 6 Bargaining Agreement.

These rosters show service through the date indicated. Any changes made after that date will not be reflected until the next roster is published.

How to Read Your Seniority

Employees and Positions on This Roster: The roster lists employees eligible to accumulate seniority on their current positions (continuing or temporary posted positions of more than 35 percent time). Former positions are listed regardless if seniority was accumulated, if the employee is eligible to accumulate seniority on their current position. Former non-academic positions outside the bargaining unit are also listed.

Unit Seniority: Seniority in BU 6 is accumulated by calendar days. University seniority is shown as "Total University Seniority Days." Classification seniority is shown as "Total Seniority Days for Job Code." See Article 24 for complete definitions of seniority.

Record Number: An employee's record number is "0" unless the employee holds more than one position in which the employee is eligible to accumulate seniority.

Seniority Appeals

Bargaining unit contracts may provide a specific number of days after the posting of a roster for employees to appeal any errors since the effective date of the previous roster. Any employee failing to appeal within the applicable appeal period shall be considered to have confirmed the seniority as listed. Appeals should be directed to ELR@umn.edu and should include the employee's name, bargaining unit, employee ID number, reason(s) for the appeal and contact information.

Appointment Type: Appointment type indicates if seniority is accumulated as follows:


Appt Type Position Definition Seniority Accumulated
1 Continuing Yes
2 Temporary Posted Yes
3 Temporary Not Posted No
4 Supplemental No, except in special conditions
5 Temporary, Posted after 3 Years Yes, employee has continuing status
6 Former Temporary Not Posted Yes, retroactively if hired to same position posted as temporary or continuing and employee has passed probation

Hours Per Week: Percent time is shown as hours per week. Example: 40 hours per week is 100% time, 32 hours per week is 80% time, 30 hours per week is 75% time, 20 hours per week is 50% time.