Layoff and Non-renewal

Questions and Answers

If you've received a written layoff notice, you have important choices to make and will need to understand the many University and state programs that are available to you.

Understanding Your Options

An important decision to make regarding layoff or non-renewal is whether or not to choose the option to participate in the University’s Non-Renewal Program/Layoff Severance Program. P&A, Civil Service, and

Bargaining Unit employees who choose not to participate in the layoff programs have different options outlined below. Before making a decision about the layoff programs, you may want to talk to the Employee Benefits about your individual situation by calling 4-UOHR (612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363) and select option 1.

Non-Renewal Program/Layoff Severance Program

Eligibility for the Non-Renewal Program/Layoff Severance Program varies depending upon the employee group to which you belong. You can review the specific policy governing your employee group by clicking on the appropriate link below. Here you will find the policy, appropriate contacts, definitions, procedures to follow, and the forms and instructions that are needed for each program.

NOTE: If you elect to participate in the Civil Service Layoff Severance Program, your name will be removed from the layoff List. If you do not elect to participate in the Non-Renewal Program/Layoff Severance Program, you can continue your medical, dental, and life insurance for up to 18 months through COBRA continuation coverage. However, you will pay the full cost plus a 2% administrative fee for these benefits.

P&A Employees

Notice Period

An eligible P&A employee whose appointment will not be renewed is to be provided with a specific non-renewal of appointment notice period, the length of which is dependent on years of continuous service to the University as detailed in the Academic Staff Non-Renewal Program Policy.

If a P&A employee participates in the Non-Renewal Program, he/she waives any right to a notice period to which entitlement is held and all other claims against the University. As part of the Non-Renewal Program, the employee also agrees not to reapply or be rehired for University employment for a period equal to the number of weeks of severance paid, beginning on the first day of non-employment. Since qualifying for the Non-Renewal Program may result in the termination of appointment prior to the end of the employment agreement, the employee may be disqualified for unemployment compensation benefits. The employee should contact their area unemployment office for more information.

Civil Service/Bargaining Unit Employees

Layoff List

The University of Minnesota layoff list is a resource for experienced Civil Service and Bargaining Unit employees who have been laid off due to a lack of work or funds or failed to pass a subsequent probationary period and have rights to vacancies under either the Civil Service rules or a Bargaining Unit contract. This program is an alternative to the Layoff Severance Program. Employees are referred to vacancies in classifications where they have passed probation and earned seniority, if they meet the essential qualifications for the positions.

Layoff Rights and Rehire Privileges

In exchange for participating in the Layoff Severance Program, the laid off Civil Service or Bargaining Unit employee waives layoff rights*, reinstatement rights if rehired, and all other claims against the University. In addition, an employee who elects the Layoff Severance Program agrees not to reapply for or be rehired for University employment for a period of time equal to the number of weeks of severance paid, beginning on the first day of non-employment.

*Layoff rights include bumping rights, priority for rehire, Regents Scholarship eligibility, and the University's six-month health care extended benefits which is normally available to employees with three or more years of continuous service.