Layoff List AFSCME

It is to your advantage to request to be placed on the layoff list during your notice period (the period after receipt of a layoff letter but prior to the actual date of layoff). Employees in their notice period are referred (in seniority order) ahead of individuals who have already been laid off. In addition, during your notice period, you may choose not to have your application referred to a particular vacancy without it counting as a turndown.

You may choose to be placed on the layoff list during your notice period and, if eligible, for the Staff Layoff Severance Program for Civil Service/Bargaining Unit employees, still choose to participate in that program on your last day of work. If you participate in that program, you would be removed from the layoff list.

In order to be placed on the University of Minnesota layoff list:

  • You must have received a written notice of layoff and a copy of your notice must be received by the layoff list coordinator.
  • You must request in writing or by email ([email protected]) to be placed on the layoff list and include a copy of your notice with your request.

You will have layoff list rights in classifications within the AFSCME bargaining unit in which you have passed probation and therefore earned seniority. The Office of Human Resources will attempt to monitor vacancies to which you have layoff list rights. You should also check for vacancies and contact the Layoff List coordinator if you see a position to which you should have layoff list rights.

  • A central recruiter will notify you when new vacancies are posted to which you have layoff list rights. You must complete an online application for the specific job within five days of being notified. You should complete your application in great detail, as it will be used to determine your qualification for all positions. Your application must indicate that you meet all the essential qualifications of a position in order for your application to be referred to the hiring manager. If you would like to talk with a central recruiter about how to complete your application or prepare for an interview, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363 in Greater Minnesota.
  • If you are referred to a position as a laid off applicant, you will be called (by the department with the vacancy) for an informational interview; to determine if you meet enough selection criteria to be offered the position. Please respond immediately to messages left by the hiring authority.
  • If a salary offer is made, you have up to 48 hours to accept or decline the position.
  • You may turn down two positions at 90% or more of your salary at the time of layoff and remain on the layoff list. If you turn down a third position, you will be removed from the layoff list.
  • Although you may be referred to a vacancy as a laid off applicant, you can and should apply for other positions that you are qualified for as shown on the job vacancy postings.

If you accept a position to which you have layoff list rights, you will be required to serve a four-month probationary period for that classification. Any other position that you accept will require you to serve the normal probationary period for the classification.

If you are hired from the layoff list, your unused sick leave balance (if you had one) and your vacation accumulation rate will be reinstated.

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