Work Study

Work study is a state and federally funded program that supports part-time jobs for students who need help to meet the costs of attending college. The program provides income and job experience to students and funding to the employers who hire them.

Having work study makes you a more attractive candidate to University employers. The money you earn is yours to keep and does not need to be paid back after graduation, unlike student loans. To find out more about your eligibility for a work-study award, check with OneStop Student Services.

Off-campus Work-study Jobs

The University of Minnesota also partners with public service organizations outside the University to provide work-study opportunities off-campus. For the Twin Cities campus, these Community Service Program job opportunities are posted on Handshake with “CSP Employer” in the job posting title. If you are an off-campus employer near the Twin Cities campus and wish to participate in the Community Service Program, contact for more details.