Diabetes Prevention & Management

If you are a member of a University medical plan, you have access to a personalized program to help you proactively manage your health.

The diabetes support, offered through Omada, is available for:

  • Prevention: Build healthy habits and lower your risk of diabetes through small but powerful changes.
  • Management: Keep glucose levels in check with new ways to eat well, move more, and manage stress.

To learn more and get started, visit omadahealth.com/umn or access Omada’s Help Center for answers to common questions.

How the Program Works

The goal is to provide you with the tools and support you need to reach your health goals, whether that’s lowering your risk of diabetes, staying on top of your diabetes, or improving overall health. The program includes:

  • A professional health coach for ongoing one-on-one guidance. Coaches have expertise to help you in ways that work for you.
  • Connected devices (scale and/or glucose meter and strips) automatically synced to a private account.
  • Weekly online lessons to help you explore physical, social, and psychological components of healthy living, including the essential knowledge and skills to self-manage conditions like diabetes.
  • A small online community of peers with similar health conditions for real-time encouragement, sharing, and support.

Participants who are living with diabetes will gain additional condition-specific support from the coach, peers, lessons, and more. Omada helps participants thrive with their medication plans, remotely track blood glucose levels, manage highs and lows, and more.

Program Eligibility

If you or your adult family members are at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease or are currently living with diabetes, and enrolled in a University medical plan, this program is offered at no cost to you.

Complete the online application at omadahealth.com/umn to find out if you meet the clinical criteria to participate in the program. Once you complete the application, if you are eligible to enroll, you will receive an email invitation to join the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Omada?

Omada® is a personalized program that empowers you to achieve your health goals. Combining data-powered human coaching, connected devices, and curriculum tailored to your specific circumstances, the program is designed to help you build healthy habits that last.

What is the application process?

Individuals interested in Omada can see if they qualify and complete the online application to find out if they meet the clinical enrollment criteria to participate in the program.

Those who complete the application and are eligible to enroll will receive an email invitation to join the Omada program.

Are family members eligible for Omada?

Yes, adult family members who are covered under the same health plan and meet the clinical enrollment criteria are eligible for Omada.

How much does it cost?

If you or your adult family members are at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease or are living with diabetes, and enrolled in our Medica health plan, The University of Minnesota will cover the entire cost of the program.

Why is the Omada program being offered?

The Omada program is being offered to help eligible individuals proactively manage their health and achieve their health goals.

How is the Omada program structured?

Omada presents a new area of focus each week, covering topics relevant to a participant’s health, whether that’s changing food habits, getting active, learning from challenging situations, or learning how to manage glucose levels. The weekly topic is supported by an interactive lesson, conversation with a personal health coach, and other program features.

In addition to this underlying framework, coaches can work with participants to identify areas that they want to work on: everything from understanding blood glucose numbers to engaging family and friends to help support them in making changes.

These personalized features can help participants achieve and sustain their unique health goals one step at a time.

Do participants get to keep the tools after the Omada program ends?

Yes, all the devices that are provided by Omada during the program are meant for participants to keep.

What privacy measures are in place?

As a healthcare company, Omada takes security and participant privacy very seriously, and operates in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. The company employs rigorous physical, technical and administrative controls to protect personal information. You can learn more about Omada’s use and protection of personal information by reading the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

What personal information will be shared with a participant’s group?

Group members can see each other’s photo, first name, hometown, and introduction note. Concerning progress through the program, others in the group can see when a participant last logged in, their lesson completion progress, and a progress bar that measures weight loss as a percentage without sharing actual weight. No one in the group will be able to see a participant’s private information such as weight or last name.

What are the specific steps involved in getting started?

Here’s what interested individuals can expect.

  1. Visit the Omada application webpage.
  2. Click the button to complete a brief application.
  3. Individuals will receive an email from support@omadahealth.com within 2 business days letting them know if they’re accepted. If accepted, the email will provide instructions on setting up their Omada account online.
  4. Participants can set up their account on their own time. No strict deadline, but the sooner they set up, the sooner they can start.
  5. Within a few weeks of completing account setup, participants receive a welcome kit in the mail with their scale.
  6. Groups kick off each Sunday. This entails an introductory online message from the coach, the first lesson being “unlocked,” and access to the group message board. (Please be advised that Omada may choose not to kick off new groups on the Sundays before or after major U.S. holidays when those holidays may interfere significantly with shipping or group momentum.)

What if individuals have questions?

If at any point in the process someone has questions about the status of their application or account, they can email support@omadahealth.com, call (888) 409-8687, or check out our help center articles at support.omadahealth.com.

The most common cause of confusion is that people have not seen their emails from Omada, so they may want to start by checking their inbox and spam folder for emails from the @omadahealth.com domain.