How to Hire

Inclusivity and the Hiring Process

The reputation of the University of Minnesota is based on the quality of the people it employs and the work they do. To ensure that your unit is conducting an inclusive selection process, follow the steps outlined in the checklist below and use the tools provided by OHR.

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Post and Recruit

(Job posting, recruitment planning, attracting applicants)

Screen and Select

(Screening applications, interviewing applicants, selecting applicants)

  • Create an applicant comparison tool to evaluate applicant materials, listing cultural competency as a priority.
  • Review EOAA Applicant Summary to ensure interview pool includes diversity.
  • Evaluate applicant pool based on the qualifications of the job opening.
  • Discuss implicit bias and the potential impact on selecting applicants to interview.
  • Select applicants for interviews based on the score from the applicant comparison tool.
  • Consider interviewing all qualified applicants using a shortened, convenient video interview tool, SparkHire (contact your Talent Acquisition consultant for support). The video interview may replace screening by phone. 
  • Create behavioral-based interview questions that relate to the position. Make sure to include a cultural competency question.
  • Review the University's on-site interview guidelines, and schedule on-campus interviews with applicants. If video interviewing was used, invite your top 3–4 applicants to interview in person. Ask the same questions of each applicant.
  • Notify candidates not selected for an interview through Recruiting Solutions. After the first round of interviews, notify candidates not selected to move forward.

Offer and Accept

(Offering/accepting job, onboarding, engagement)

  • Notify finalists and check references using SkillSurvey.
  • Gain approval (if applicable) and send offer letter.
  • Conduct background check using HireRight. Employee cannot start unless completed.
  • Prepare for employee onboarding. Remind employee to bring original I-9 documents on first day of work.
  • Close the job posting in Recruiting Solutions and notify any remaining applicants that the position was filled.

Additional Resources

Step-by-step Hiring Instructions

See the steps below for a guide on how to hire a new employee at the University. If you have questions about the hiring process in your unit, contact your college or administrative unit HR professional first.

Staff in OHR's Talent Acquisition unit are also available for consultations.

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Post and Recruit

Step Owner Activity Description and Tools
Determine hiring need and gain approval Hiring Unit

Review job description and validate position details. For organizational changes or new positions, write job description, consult with Compensation & Classification, determine FLSA exemption status, and create position. Determine salary range and ensure adequate funding is in place. Follow the process within your campus, college, or unit to gain approval to hire.

  1. Writing a job description (pdf)
  2. Job Classification Database
  3. Current salary floors, ranges, and steps
  4. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Exemption Form (pdf)
  5. FLSA Exempt/Non-exempt defined
Identify and engage others Hiring Unit Determine the necessity of a search committee. In the case of a search committee, determine the size, identify the chair, ensure diversity is represented, and consider advisory group and/or Senate committee participation. Formally charge the committee and solicit input from participants on the recruitment plan.
  1. Getting the Most From the Search Committee Process
  2. University Senate Committee Involvement In Hiring Selected Leaders (Twin Cities, Morris, and Rochester campuses) (pdf)
  3. Search Committee How-to Guide (pdf)

Enter requisition

Hiring unit

Enter requisition in employment system, making sure all fields are completed. The job posting should recognize the importance of diversity. Use the gender decoder tool to eliminate gender-coded language. Minimum requirements must be consistent with job classification.

  1. Create requisition (.doc)
  2. Job Classification Database

Finalize requisition

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition will review new job postings to determine if there is a potential priority hire and notify potential candidates of these positions. Priority hire candidates will have five days to apply for the position to indicate their interest.

Administrate priority or "no search" hire

Hiring Unit or Talent Acquisition

In the case of priority candidates. Talent Acquisition will refer them to the hiring unit for immediate action. The hiring unit must contact a referred priority hire candidate promptly. To extend an offer to a priority hire applicant, proceed to "Select Finalist" step. Suggested timeline: 0-10 days

  1. Priority Hiring FAQ (pdf)

Execute recruitment plan

Hiring Unit or Talent Acquisition

With the unit HR Lead and EOAA Liaison, examine the diversity and affirmative action goals of the unit. Establish the recruitment scope (national, local/regional, University community only, unit only). Identify potential internal and external applicants to invite to apply. Develop sourcing strategy to include print and online ads, professional associations, outreach efforts, and alternative recruitment strategies such as external search firms. If search is likely to attract international applicants, contact International Student & Scholar Services about advertising requirements. Instruct all applicants to apply online to the posted position. Develop Applicant Comparison Tool. Suggested timeline: 1 day

  1. Affirmative action in the hiring process FAQ (pdf)
  2. Recruitment Planning (pdf)
  3. Applicant Comparison Tool (pdf)
  4. Unit EOAA Liaisons

Post requisition

Talent Acquisition

Post requisition per required posting timelines. Suggested timeline: 1 day

  1. Job Posting Guidelines (pdf)

Screen and Select

Step Owner Activity Description and Resources
Screen applicants for minimum requirements Hiring Unit or Job Center Eliminate candidates who don't meet minimum qualifications. Update applicants' status in system. Suggested timeline: 14 days
Evaluate applicant pool Hiring Unit

Review qualified applicants and determine if pool is sufficient. Consider diversity goals and availability. If applicant pool is insufficient, reevaluate and consider augmenting recruitment plan. Suggested timeline: 1 day

  1. Affirmative action in the hiring process FAQ (pdf)
Select applicants for interview Hiring Unit

Evaluate applications, curricula vitae, resumes, cover letters, and other materials of qualified applicants. Conduct initial phone screen. Evaluate skills and make sure compensation expectations are aligned. Use applicant comparison tool to rank top applicants. Update applicants' statuses in the system. Suggested timeline: 10 days

  1. Applicant comparison tool (pdf)
Conduct interviews Hiring Unit

Assemble interview team. Develop interview questions. Invite applicants, arrange for travel and accommodations as needed. Conduct interviews. Interviewers should use applicant evaluation form to rate applicants based on objective criteria relevant to the job. Discuss interview results with search members. Suggested timeline: 5 days

  1. Accommodations
  2. Interview applicants tip sheets (pdf)
  3. Sample interview questions
  4. Applicant comparison tool (pdf)
  5. Applicant evaluation form (pdf)
Select finalists Hiring Unit

Check references. Get necessary unit approvals. For senior leader positions, offers that include tenure or continuous appointment, and/or no-search direct hires, additional approvals are necessary. When a foreign national is seriously considered for employment, engage International Student & Scholar Services and the Office of General Counsel prior to making offer. Suggested timeline: 1 day


Offer and Accept

Activity Owner Activity Description and Resources
Extend offer Hiring Unit

Negotiate terms within established parameters, set tentative start date and prepare offer letter. Present offer contingent on successful background check, other verifications, required degree completion, and/or pending approvals. Send offer letter and background check instructions to finalist. Collect signed offer acceptance. Suggested timeline: 1 day

  1. Template letters
  2. Relocation Assistance Program
  3. Prospective employee benefits summary
  4. Policy Office procedures for background checks and verifications
Check background Talent Acquisition

Perform background checks for positions that legally require them or when the University has an established practice of conducting them. OHR uses General Information Services for all background screening.

Ask applicant to provide information, then complete a background check. (Note: Verification of highest degree is required for all Faculty and P&A employees.) If checks and verifications are satisfactory, confirm start date. Finalist may not start employment before satisfactory background check is completed.

However, if the position provides a service critical to the mission of the University and the delay in their employment impacts the University’s ability to provide this service or
the background check and verification process has been impacted by extenuating circumstances, such as a natural disaster, pandemic, etc., you may request an exception.

Suggested timeline: 3 days

  1. Background verification request cover sheet (docx)
  2. Policy Office procedures for background checks and verifications
  3. Background check how-to guide
  4. Exception form
Finalize hire Hiring Unit Capture reason for non-selection for all candidates besides finalists and update applicants' statuses in system to ensure accurate EOAA reporting statistics. Communicate with non-selected applicants. Confirm with Talent Acquisition that requisition is ready to be closed. Suggested timeline: 1 day
Complete I-9 for new hire Hiring Unit All faculty, staff, and student workers must complete a Form I-9—both Sections 1 and 2—on or before their first day of work for pay. See the webpage I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification for complete information.
Close requisition Talent Acquisition Notify Talent Acquisition to designate position as filled in recruiting system. Suggested timeline: 1 day