Leadership Consulting Services

Three images of people interacting in the workplace.

Since 2016, the Talent Strategy Center of Expertise (TSCoE) team has been building a group of external experts with experience working in higher education who can partner with colleges and units to help retain top talent through leadership coaching and development. The University works with more than 15 firms with 60+ consultants with a variety of backgrounds and expertise in:

  • Individual and team coaching
  • Building executive leadership
  • Selection assessment
  • Onboarding of new leaders
  • DEI and Belonging
  • Effective change
  • Strategic planning
  • Navigating culture and conflict in the workplace
  • Delegation and decision making
  • Project/process management
  • Developing and supervising flexible work teams
  • Relationship building
  • Appreciative inquiry

Each consultant serves as an extension of TSCoE, has an understanding of the academic world, and has been identified as well-prepared to work with leaders at the University. The external consultants also have connections within the University to provide information and assistance and participate in quarterly meetings to stay up-to-date on what is happening throughout the system.

Stage 1 - Request Services

Consult with the OHR team to discuss needs, review both in-house and external consultancy opportunities to address concerns, and determine the best option for your unique situation.

Stage 2 - Service Decision and Scope of Work Confirmed

Upon approval, OHR will work with the requester to align the needs of the college/unit with the external consultant with the expertise to address the issues and/or help build the desired skills.

Stage 3 - Work Completed, Payment Managed, and Evaluation

Following the completion of the contract, OHR works with requesting college/unit to facilitate vendor payment, complete evaluation forms, and analyze consultative effectiveness.


Interested in learning more? Contact TSCoE at ltd@umn.edu to schedule a meeting to determine the need and the best choice of consultants.