How to Sign Up for the Wellbeing Program

  • Opt-in and registration on the Virgin Pulse portal is required for those who have not participated before. Participating employees (and their covered spouses) will need to opt-in to the program by registering a new username and password by using their legal last name, preferred first name, and 7-digit employee ID number. Employees must voluntarily opt-in to the Virgin Pulse portal to participate in programs and receive points.
  • If you were a previous participant in the Wellbeing Program, you will not have to re-register in the Virgin Pulse portal. Employees can continue to use the Virgin Pulse portal and app without interruption.
  • If your spouse is covered on the medical plan and would like to participate, here's how to register in the Virgin Pulse portal for the first time:
    • Spouses will need to register using the 7-digit employee ID number of the plan primary account holder member plus their legal last name.
    • Spouses will need to use their own email addresses to register for their accounts.
    • If you and your spouse both work at the University, you will register using the primary account holder's employee ID number.
    • Spouses will need to put "S" after the employee ID number during registration. Example: If the employee ID number is "1234567," the spouse registers with "1234567S"
    • Click here to register
  • Spouses must earn 2,500 points to count toward the 7,500 total. Medical plan-covered spouses who choose to participate will need to earn a full 2,500 points to have their points count toward the 7,500-point total. There is no requirement for spouses to participate, and an employee with spouse coverage may earn all 7,500 points by themselves. Spouses may also start earning points for the 2022-2023 year on September 1 and will not need to re-register.
  • If a spouse has completed 2,500 points, their completion will automatically be logged under the "Rewards" tab of Virgin Pulse. Both the spouse and the employee will have to grant their partner access to rewards data for this to appear. You can update your consent in your settings or by calling Virgin Pulse.
  • Points earned by spouses will not be added to the employee's points. Please communicate with your spouse about point progress if you have questions.

Retirees who are under 65 and covered spouses under 65 are eligible to be on the University’s medical plan can participate in the Wellbeing Program. If you retire and had achieved the Wellbeing Program goal the year before retiring, you will continue to receive the reduced medical rates. Visit the Benefits for Retirees page for more information on benefits eligibility. 

If you are eligible, simply follow the instructions for employees to register. Please note that once you turn 65, you will lose your Wellbeing Program rate eligibility. Your spouse can still receive the Wellbeing Program rate if they are under 65.

However, retirees who are 65 and over will need to enroll in a Medicare-eligible plan. Since Medicare-eligible plans do not accept Wellbeing Program points toward a discount, you will not be eligible for the Wellbeing Program. If your spouse is under 65 and eligible for a University medical plan, they can participate in the Wellbeing Program. They will need to earn 5,000 points toward a $500 discount for the next year.

Retirees covered under a Medicare-eligible plan have other wellbeing discount options through programs such as Silver Sneakers and Silver&Fit®. Check with your plan carrier to learn what’s available.