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Enrique Leary-Limon with Cooper, a yellow lab
Meet Enrique Leary-Limón

“I hold my head a little higher knowing that I work at the University of Minnesota. As a vet tech at the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC), I get to help train the next generation of doctors, form relationships with experts in the field of veterinary medicine, and work on challenging and interesting cases.

“After working here for two and a half years, I still have so much to learn. Right now I’m leaning toward specializing in emergency care. Once a dog arrived in critical condition due to fluid buildup in his stomach. I performed CPR, placed the catheter, and intubated him. From there I got to work alongside veterinarians to help him recover in the ICU. When I first met his owners, they were crying from distress. But when I walked him out to them, happy and healthy, a week later, they were crying out of pure happiness. Restoring pets to health is the most rewarding part of being a vet tech.”—Enrique Leary-Limón, Veterinary Technician, AFSCME Unit 7 - Technical

Learn more about veterinary technician jobs at the Veterinary Medical Center.

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