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Jodi Stafford and a yellow lab dog
Meet Jodi Stafford
Saturday, January 1, 2022 - 12:00

“I love my job. In addition to learning something new every day, I get to work with new veterinary students and interns each year. Helping them grow as professionals and seeing them continue to succeed after they graduate is incredibly rewarding. Our alumni go on to make a difference in animals’ lives across the country—or in some cases, around the world.

"Add in the amazing benefits, the pension plan, and the discounts on treatment and food for my pets, and that’s why I’ve been here for eight years and counting.

“If you’re looking for an environment where learning is prized and with lots of enriching opportunities (including everything from continuing education to discounted tickets to University opera shows), then you’ll fit right in at the VMC.”—Jodi Stafford, Animal Care Tech Specialist, AFSCME Unit 7 - Technical

Learn more about veterinary technician jobs at the Veterinary Medical Center.

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Reminder to review the University's policy in support of employee absences for religious holidays.

A new form is available to request access for new users or help with an existing account.

Materials available to help supervisors support employees during PEAK.

Updated AFSCME Clerical, Health Care, and Technical contracts are available for review online.

April is Financial Literacy Month! Level up your financial knowledge with resources from University retirement savings provider Fidelity.