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Sausha Anderson-Burch in Coffman Union
Meet Sausha Anderson-Burch

Sausha Anderson-Burch grew up in Minnesota and LA, eventually attending college in LA to study screenwriting. “Someday I’d love to own an art and theater production company and direct projects,” she says.

Initially, Sausha started as a temp but saw a full-time Dining Services position available and applied for it to get the regular hours and set schedule. “The benefits here were also attractive–I’m thinking of taking some classes in art, design, or filmmaking.” (She can take these classes at a reduced price thanks to the Regents Scholarship, which covers 75-100% of tuition costs for University employees.)

Sausha enjoys seeing the wide variety of people come through Coffman, and sometimes she’ll get non-human customers too. “Sometimes the PAWS [Pet Away Worry and Stress] animals will be around. Like Phoenix the great dane–he’s so quiet but huge.” Sausha owns a menagerie of animals herself: a lab-German shepherd mix, two dragons, two frogs, and a fish.

While she’s working in Dining Services, Sausha is also learning a trade that can help fund her production company in the future. “I’m planning to apprentice as a body art technician, so I’m working on my [tattoo art] portfolio and focusing on a mix of realism, animals, and animation/cartoon style.”

Sausha will start as a supervisor at Erbert & Gerbert’s this fall, but over the summer she’s covering Chick-fil-A and working concessions at sporting events. “Working concessions is a nice break–you just scan the Skittles and process the sale.”

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