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Elliot Redmann in his office with a large bur oak cross-section
Meet Elliot Redmann

"The U is an excellent place to work. I love feeling the energy and excitement from the University community, and it's fulfilling to watch the landscape and trees grow over time. That's not as common in the private industry, where you may only visit a site once or twice. The hours and people are great too!"—Elliot Redmann, Landcare Supervisor, Civil Service

Favorite trees (specifically on the Twin Cities campus): Knoll Area black walnut, Elliott Hall bur oak, Peters Hall hawthorn, East River Road Garage ginkgo

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Note: the tree cross section in the photo is a bur oak that dates back to 1783.

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Updates and deadlines for HR leads for the Employee Engagement Survey.

University medical plan administrator Medica will replace its Fit Choices gym reimbursement program on December 31, 2023. Learn about other options available in this blog post.

Now open to all part-time and full-time employees!

Fidelity has added a Roth In-Plan Conversion feature to the University of Minnesota Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), effective September 1, 2023.

Updated temporary ELR units of assignments.