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Guidance on What Form to Use

Find the Form for the Service Request

Service Form Mass Change Form Option
Additional appointment Hire No
Create a summer appointment Hire No
Employee hired into a different position from a posting - indicate transfer Hire No
Hire - all employee groups Hire No
Priority hire Hire No
Rehire Hire No
Rehire an employee working intermittently and end POI appointment Hire No
Student hire with work-study Hire No
Change a position for a new posting Post a Position No
Create a new position for a new posting Post a Position No
Need to post a position in Peoplesoft Post a Position No
Employee needs a Safety of Minors background check, outside of hire process Background Check Yes
Add or change additional pay for an active employee (example: augmentation, overload, bonus, service award, retroactive pay, etc.) Modify No
Additional appointment/summer appointment for an individual employee on short work break Modify No
Appointment extension Modify No
Change to Job code that does not go through reclass process Modify No
Change contract dates, outside of standard contract dates Modify Yes
Change department for an active appointment Modify No
Change employee base rate Modify No
Change employee's tax location if employee is working outside of Minnesota Modify No
Change in job duties - small change to duties with no change to employee's level Modify No
Change of head count on a position Modify No
Change position location for an active appointment Modify No
Change preferred or required qualifications on a position for an active appointment Modify No
Change to eligibility for overtime based on FLSA Modify No
Change to employee's supervisor Modify Yes
Change to how an employee is paid (ex. change 9/12 to 9/9) Modify No
Change to regular or temporary designation on a position for an active appointment Modify No
Change to standard hours for an active appointment Modify No
Change working title for an active appointment Modify No
Eligible faculty requests a sabbatical/professional development leave/entrepreneurial leave Modify No
Graduate student appointment - break in service over summer or semester(s) (termination or suspension) Modify Yes
Merit increase Modify Yes
Phased retirement Modify No
Promotion of a lecturer that doesn't require compensation review Modify No
Update expected end date/return date Modify Yes
Create POI record for a fellowship POI No
End any POI record POI No
Hire a non-employee/Person of Interest (POI) POI No
Modify any POI record POI No
Retired faculty member needs Emeritus POI access POI No
Change in job duties - change would result in a change to employee's level Reclassification No
Job code change through reclass process (labor-represented employees, and civil service and P&A employees in a job family) Reclassification No
Promotion from Civil Service to P&A Reclassification No
Promotion within same union requiring retro pay Reclassification No
Recall for upcoming semester; recall suspended employees Reclassification No
Change funding for an existing job or additional pay record Payroll Accounting No
Employee death End Appointment No
End appointment for employee working intermittently and create POI record if requested End Appointment No
Graduate student appointment is ending and will not be returning End Appointment No
Involuntary termination End Appointment No
Layoffs/RIF End Appointment Yes
Resignation of a 9 over 12 employee End Appointment No
Resignation, employee transferring to a different department End Appointment No
Recall for upcoming semester; recall suspended employees n/a Yes

Accessing HR TDX Forms

Starting December 4, 2023, employees in Phase 1 campuses, colleges, and units will see the HR and Finance TDX forms in MyU.

  • Click on the "Key Links" button on the top ribbon
  • Select "HR & Finance Service Requests" in the drop-down menu to go to the forms.
Image of the MyU location for the HR TDX forms

You can also go to: