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Joe VanGuilder in a Waste Recovery Services truck
Meet Joe VanGuilder
Saturday, January 1, 2022 - 12:00

“Before I started working at the University of Minnesota nine years ago, I didn’t know how important recycling was. My time at U Services has made me passionate about recycling and helping the University do better. I know that I can make a difference here, and I value the vacation and sick time I get as a University employee.”—Joe VanGuilder, Delivery Service Driver, Teamsters Local 320

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The anticipated legalization of recreational marijuana in Minnesota will not impact employee performance expectations.

Juneteenth is a paid holiday just like Memorial Day.

Talent Strategy Center of Expertise (TSCoE) team maintains a community of external consultants available to help develop the skills of top and/or promising employees.

The federal government announced May 11, 2023, as the end of the public health emergency from COVID-19. This means several changes for University medical benefits.

Contact OHR if considering changes to terms of employment for graduate assistants whose job codes are now part of the union.