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Joe VanGuilder in a Waste Recovery Services truck
Meet Joe VanGuilder

“Before I started working at the University of Minnesota nine years ago, I didn’t know how important recycling was. My time at U Services has made me passionate about recycling and helping the University do better. I know that I can make a difference here, and I value the vacation and sick time I get as a University employee.”—Joe VanGuilder, Delivery Service Driver, Teamsters Local 320

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Registration is now open for the Supervisory Development Course through August 25, 2023.

Hiring letter templates have been updated to reflect new Nursing Mothers, Lactating Employees, and Pregnancy Accommodation rights.

Updated seniority roster and hiring letter templates are available online.

The updated Regent Scholarship tax form is now available.

Your U Card is an Employee Transit Pass

All Twin Cities benefits-eligible faculty and staff will receive unlimited access to all transit systems in the Twin Cities metro area (rides on the NorthStar require a small supplemental fare for each ride beyond a certain point). 

Learn more about how to sign-up and activate your card.