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Wellbeing Program Platform Name Change

University employees and spouses who participate in the University’s Wellbeing Program may begin to see new vendor name, but the program is staying the same.

Virgin Pulse recently acquired HealthComp, a health benefits administrator. Moving forward, Virgin Pulse will rebrand the two companies as Personify Health. This change will take effect for the University’s Wellbeing Program on September 1, 2024, with a hybrid look that includes Virgin Pulse and Personify Health elements. The full change will take effect on January 1, 2025.

While Personify Health will offer expanded services such as health plan administration, University users’ experience with the Wellbeing Program platform will remain largely the same.

The OHR Total Rewards team will remind employees of the change closer to the rebranding and provide more information as it becomes available.


How will my experience on the portal or app change? 

You may begin to see a Personify Health logo if you log out of the portal or app after using it. The URL to the portal will also be re-routed to a Personify Health link, so the Total Rewards team will communicate if and when you need to update bookmarks. Finally, the copyright will change from Virgin Pulse to Personify Health.

Wellbeing Program programming and user experience will not change due to the rebranding, though Virgin Pulse may make minor changes to its interface like any app or website. Also, the company is planning changes to its homepage in early 2025.

Will this affect the data that is shared with the vendor? Will Personify Health have access to my health information?  

No additional data will be shared with the vendor as a result of this change by the vendor.

As before, if you earn Wellbeing Program points through University health plan vendors Omada, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Ovia, or Specialty Drug Therapy Management, only whether you participated will be tracked. None of your personal medical data will be sent to the Wellbeing Program vendor. Learn more about how vendors protect your privacy on the Employee Health Benefits and Data Privacy page

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